How to participate

  1. After joining, the first thing is to fill in your bank details correctly in the profile section.
  2. You then make a request to acquire Funds by selecting from one of our Fund packages.
  3. Ensure you have the money available before placing any order
  4.  Once your request is made, your order is processed and your Fund begins to mature.
  5.  You are then matched to pay other participants the cost of your Fund. You will have 24 hours to make payment.
  6.  Before making payment, contact the recipient to ensure that he or she is available.
  7.  Once you have made payment, you should upload proof of payment and wait for the recipient to confirm the payment.
  8. Once your payment has been confirmed, your Fund is confirmed and set for payout.
  9. Your payout is processed and you are matched to receive 30% of your fund on or before the payout date.
  10. Once you recieve any payment, you will have 8 hours to either confirm or reject the proof of payment
  11. Payment confirmations are irreversible. Hence, only confirm payments when you have received the funds in your account.
  12. If you are having trouble(s) with our services, use the support section or contact us.


Only order a Fund if you are ready to make the payment within 24 hours

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