Rules and Regulations

Thank you for Visiting Apex Fund International (AFI). In conjuction with our See Terms of Use, Use of our website and services is governed by the following rules. Apex Fund International (AFI) reserves the right to change any of these rules without prior information:

  1. Only acquire a Fund if you have the money available and you are ready to make payment within 24 hours.
  2. If you have accidentally acquired multiple Funds and cannot make payment for all, use the cancel button before your order is processed. Once Matched, you will no longer be able to cancel.
  3. After making payment, be sure to upload your proof of payment. although the recipient may confirm you without proof of payment upload.
  4. NEVERupload fake proof of payment. This is the gravest offense
  5. When receiving payments and proof of payment has been uploaded, you must either confirm or reject the payment within 8 hours of receiving the proof. Failure to do so will result in automatic confirmation of such payments
  6. Only confirm payments that you receive. All confirmations are irreversible.
  7. Before rejecting any proof of payment that seems valid, wait for some time to enable the transfer or bank deposit be posted by the bank. However, you must take action within your limit of 8 hours
  8. If you have wrongly rejected received payments, contact the support center immediately.
  9. NEVERcontact support asking to be matched or rematched before the payout date indicated on your Fund.
  10. Violation of any of these rules attracts penalties as outlined below


  • Failure to make payment within specified period

Suspension of account and inability to recieve any payments.

  • Failure to confirm/reject proof of payment within given time

Suspension of account and inability to recieve any payments.

  • Uploading fake proof of payment

Irreversible deletion of account, blacklisting of associated email address, and loss of all Funds.

  • Failure to write testimony

Forfeiture of further payments

  • Spamming and Fraudulent Activities

Irreversible deletion of account, blacklisting of associated email and IP address, and loss of all Funds

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