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Thank you for Visiting Apex Fund International (AFI). Apex Fund International (AFI) offers a free service. To use this website and its services, you must agree to, and operate within the terms and conditions of use as outlined below.

The services on this website are provided as available. We make NO GUARANTEE of any kind, either explicit or implied. Apex Fund International (AFI) accepts NO RESPONSIBILITY for any and all loss or losses incurred through the use of this website and its services. We are NOT an HYIP, Online Banking, MLM or investment scheme!

  • You understand and accept the risk(s) associated with the use of this website and its services and INDEMNIFYApex Fund International (AFI) of any and all losses that may be incurred through the use of this website and its services.
  • When you acquire a Fund, you agree to voluntarily pay within 24 hours, the specified amount to the recipient as indicated on your dashboard when paired.
  • You consent to your bank details being displayed to whoever is matched to pay you.
  • You agree to confirm/reject proof of payments within 8 hours of receiving such proof of payment
  • You agree to upload only genuine proof of payments and not fake proof of payments.
  • All payments and confirmation/rejection of proof of payments are made between members. Confirmation of payments are irreversible. Apex Fund International (AFI) accepts no responsibility for wrongly confirmed payments.
  • You agree to comply with the rules of service
  • Apex Fund International (AFI) reserves the right to change the terms listed here at anytime without prior information. Thus it is expected that you view this page regularly

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